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Ignore everythiing past the divider--they aren't mine. You can see (barely) my sign on top of the divider. My ballerina bears are in an old peach box that Mom put a divider in. I used to use it for craft sales. It wasn't all that convenient there, but it's perfect here. When I get more bears in stock, I will have bears on the top shelf, too. Below the bears are my washcloths with crocheted edging and two plastic canvas tissue box covers that I haven't been able to sell in years. (They're adorable! But plastic canvas isn't "in" right now.) The rabbit is part of a set I never fnished. I gave my sister the skunk (long story there) and she bought the raccoon. I still haven't done the cat and dog. When they didn't sell, I didn't see much point in making more. Maybe someday... Below them are my three remaining afghans, all pictured elsewhere on this site. And in the right-hand crate are Mom's newest thing--cozy polar fleece slippers. If you are interested, I will be setting up a page of this site for things she wants to sell, and she wants to sell those, because she says they are so much fun to make! So there will be more details of those forthcoming.