Contact Information and Disclaimer

Welcome to Wyndspirit Designs! If you wish to comment, ask a question, or even purchase something, this is how it works:

Send an e-mail to ms_bj @ with Wyndspirit Designs somewhere in the subject. If I don't recognize your e-mail address, this should keep your e-mail from getting deleted along with the ton of spam I get every day.

Purchases are not necessary, but compliments, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!

However... If you do want to purchase something... These are the rules, and my disclaimer:

I now accept PayPal! However, I ask that you still e-mail me before you order, because some things might not be in stock at the moment and might take more time for me to get to you, or I might have more colors available than the site shows. Once you decide on your order, I can send you an invoice.

Send an e-mail to the above address with Wyndspirit Designs somewhere in the subject and include your name and mailing address and the item name and/or number given in the details page for each item. Post office boxes are acceptable, but in the unlikely event* that you order enough that UPS would be cheaper, you may be charged a higher shipping rate than quoted. I prefer to ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS (whichever is cheaper) for packages too heavy for standard first class, but I am still figuring out the shipping. If USPS Priority Mail or UPS costs more than the shipping I have quoted, it will be sent Standard Mail and the shipping for that item will be adjusted upward in the future. (I am doing my best to estimate shipping high enough so this does not happen.) Shipping is listed on the details page for each item. If you don't feel like doing the math, I'll be happy to add it up for you and e-mail the info back before you make your final decision. *As of this writing, for 5 lbs. or less, USPS Priority Mail seems to be slightly cheaper than UPS.

Pictures will be available on custom orders prior to shipping. It may be a "stock photo" and not of your exact item, but if there are any differences, I will tell you.

Colors may not reproduce accurately in photographs. If you need to know exactly what the colors look like, I will give you the brand and color name of yarn used on knit and crochet items if I have the information. If I don't (and if it is not a custom order, I may not), you take your chances.

Payment is by money order, check, or cash*. The order will be shipped immediately after a money order is received or 7 days after a check is deposited. I will e-mail you when it is shipped, and you can figure out when to expect it, depending on how it was sent. I do not accept post-dated checks, credit cards, or PayPal--they are more hassle than they are worth. If you are somebody I know or you have developed a recurring business relationship with me, other arrangements may be made. *Only at your own risk! I do not advocate sending cash through the mail, and I refuse to accept any responsibility for lost or misplaced cash.

I have a limit of custom orders I can do, depending on circumstances. If it is not something I have in stock, I will give you a time frame.

You should be able to expect pre-Christmas delivery for stock orders placed through December 15. Beyond that, I make no guarantees. If it is in stock, a money order will get it to you faster. If it is a custom order, ask me!

In stock items are first come, first served. Frequently I only have one of each. I will do my best to mark items as unavailable as soon as I get an order so you can tell if it is no longer in stock. Sold items will probably remain on the website, seeing as how this IS my showcase. If it's sold, you can still order one. It will be treated as a custom order, which means it will be done as I have time. (I will try to give you a time frame.) There is no additional charge for custom orders unless they are significantly different from stock (such as an extra-large afghan).

I take no responsibility for something that is not what you were expecting. I have done my best to photograph and describe items accurately, and, if it is a custom order, you will have to see a photo and approve it before I will ship. I can't be responsible for any difference between my perception and yours. Also, I take no responsibility for anything lost or damaged in shipment. Most of my items are not fragile, but if you want insurance on a package, let me know, and I will add the cost to the shipping and insure it for you. If you feel an item was damaged in shipment due to my poor packaging, we can discuss it, but I will want to see photos of the packaging and the damaged item.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality or workmanship of an item, I will refund the original cost ONLY if you notify me by e-mail within the first 3 days after receipt AND return the item in new condition within 2 weeks. (No money will be refunded until I have received and inspected the returned item.) I will NOT refund the shipping or pay shipping to return the item. It would be too easy for somebody to order an item just to check it out and maybe copy the pattern, with no intent to purchase. I am hoping this will dissuade anybody who is not serious about purchasing an item. As I said earlier, comments are always welcome, and purchasing is NOT necessary!