Miscellaneous Dishcloths

Feather & Fan
A pattern that people say is "too pretty to use." Very dainty and pretty knit design--I always do it in variegated colors because I like the way it looks. Good gift idea. Approx. 9" square.

This is a super-practical knit pattern with a good scrubbing texture that my aunt loves. She described it to Mom and I copied it. I prefer it in solid colors so the texture shows up. Approx. 8" square, solid but thin and lightweight.

Granny Square
This is a variation on the traditional crocheted granny square. Open weave, for people who prefer a fast-drying dishcloth. Approx. 9" square.
This is actually a dark shaded purple. Pretty, fun design. Looks good in either solid or variegated, but I tend to prefer it in variegated. Knit in an open weave, but smaller holes than the granny square. Approx. 8" square.
Comments: I love to fool around with different patterns just for fun. Unfortunately, they usually take much longer and for some reason don't sell as well as my standard crochet and knit patterns, so I make only one or two at a time. Made with crochet cotton.
Colors: See each picture.
Size: See each picture.
To order: Refer to the pattern name. These four are available now (unless otherwise marked).
Custom: E-mail with requests for different colors. Depending on the pattern, I may or may not have time before Christmas. Size and price will be as stated for each pattern. Ask me.
Price: $2.50
Shipping: $1 for one dishcloth, $.50 for each additional dishcloth shipped at the same time.
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