Welcome to my Wyndspirit Designs showcase! Please check back often as this site will be updated as items are changed and added. This site is a showcase, set up because of the many requests to see my crafts. I will have prices posted, also because of requests, but this is not a commercial site. If you wish to comment or purchase something you see here, read this. I now accept PayPal! 

Decorative Dresses
Cute crocheted dresses from my grandma's pattern.
North Dakota Sunsets
Enlargements, Notecards, and Greeting Cards
North Dakota Scenes
Enlargements, Notecards, and Greeting Cards
Coming soon!
Farm Cat Notecards
E-mail me for a link to the page in progress.
Ballerina Bears
Little bears in frilly dresses.
A unique and cozy gift for somebody special.
These are mostly one of a kind items.
Dish Soap Bottle Pinafores
Dress up your kitchen.
Dainty edging on washcloths.
Hand towels done by special request.
Who says functional can't be pretty?
Knit Slippers
All new! Simple style made with oh-so-cuddly Lion Homespun. No photos yet.
These stay in even straight, silky hair.
Sport Bottle and Can Cozies
No page yet. E-mail me for photos and to order.
I love these! Mine is two years old now, and gets daily use.
Three sizes: Large (32-48 oz. sport bottles), Medium (20 oz. water bottle), and Small (can cozy, fits 12 oz. can).
Click here for the important stuff if you want to comment or order!

As requested... My booth at the crafter's mall!

Unfortunately, the Crafter's Mall went under. I didn't make enough to be worth signing up with a new location, so I'm back to doing busiiness via the web or craft sales. However, these photos will give you an idea of the variety of goods I sell.

If you are not local to me or came here from one of my other websites, we can do business online. Just read the important stuff for ordering instructions.

Click on each thumbnail for a larger view and description of the contents.

E-mail me at ms_bj @ wyndspiritdesigns.us with any comments.
Please refer to Wyndspirit Designs in the subject. Thanks!

News & Comments from Wyndspirit

Hello everybody! Glance down here for the newest comments on any updates or changes... 

1/25/06 - Two big items...

First of all, I have drastically reduced the prices on most items to bring them in line with the discounted prices I get at craft sales. These are North Dakota prices, people! Take advantage.

Secondly, I am now accepting payments through PayPal. I haven't dealt with this much in the past, so please be patient while I figure out what works best for me. Right now I am asking you to e-mail me first because many of my products are general stock, and I may or may not have the style or color you want on hand at the moment. I also probably have a lot more available than what I show on the site.

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